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Tri-County ROP

Regional Occupation Program

How to Enroll

Enrollment Information

Enrollment Information

How Do I Enroll?
If you are a regularly enrolled high school student, contact your high school counselor or the career center at your school. If you are an adult, out-of-school youth, or private school student, contact us via email -
Where Are ROP Classes Taught?
Our classes are taught at both high school sites and One Stop's in Yuba, Sutter and Colusa County.
Other Frequently Asked Questions

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What Is ROP?
The Tri-County Regional Occupational Program (ROP) offers career technical training courses to high school students and adults in Colusa, Sutter, and Yuba Counties. These courses provide training in many different occupations and are geared to entry-level employment, preparation for advanced training, or retraining. Additional information about ROP courses is available at career centers and counseling offices in participating districts.

Why Take an ROP Course?
Whether you plan to work full-time after graduation or work part-time and continue in school, an ROP course will teach you skills to get and keep a worthwhile job. It will also give you high school credit while you are learning. When you complete a course, you will receive a certificate of proficiency that lists the skills that you have gained. This certificate is widely recognized by the business community and is a valuable job-seeking tool. Some ROP classes also provide industry recognized certification. Most courses are held during the school day at locations throughout the community, and transportation is usually provided.

Who is Eligible?
If you are in 11th or 12th grade and live in a school district that participates in ROP, you are eligible whether you are a regularly enrolled student or not. This includes adults, private school students, charter school students, students on independent study, and students with disabilities.

Will the Course Prepare Me for College?
ROP courses are designed to meet California State Standards as set by the California State Board of Education. As such, many courses are offered for academic credit and/or high school graduation requirements. Some courses are recognized for meeting prerequisites by the University of California System as well as by the California State Colleges. In addition, through the 2+2 Program, credit can be granted for some completed ROP course-work when a student enrolls at Yuba College.

Is There an Attendance Requirement?
All students enrolled in ROP are required and expected to maintain a satisfactory attendance record. Any student who fails to maintain one may be dropped from the program at the discretion of the school administrator and/or instructor.

How Do I Get to ROP Classes?
Transportation is provided in most cases. Questions about transportation should be directed to the ROP office. It is not provided for adult students.

What is Expected Student Conduct?
Students are expected to observe the administrative rules and regulations of the host institution or district, just as if they worked or regularly attended classes there. Attitudes and behavior that are similar to those required on the job will be stressed at all times. Students who do not maintain the standard of conduct as set forth will be dropped from the program.

Who Teaches the Course?
Every ROP instructor has a credential to teach an occupational subject. The instructor knows the skills that are needed in the occupation. In addition, each course has an occupational advisory committee made up of local businessmen and women from that occupational area. The advisory committee reviews the course content, helps with job placement, and provides resources.

Is Financial Help Available?
Adults enrolling in ROP programs may qualify for assistance under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). To find out more about this program, call the Sutter County One Stop at 530.822.5120, the Yuba County One Stop Center for Career and Business Development, 530.741.6213, or Colusa County Career Resource Center, 530.473.3927.